A community resource and referral service to help individuals living with chronic disease sustain their quality of life. The Windmill Fund provides financial and personal assistance to individuals in the community that have medically-associated needs, and is funded through donations. . These funds are created for the benefit of specific financial struggles that come along with chronic disease. Clients are assessed and cleared for assistance after meeting our protocols. Because The Windmill Fund is purposed to sustain individuals with resources while they overcome their chronic disease, our protocols are simple, achievable, and empowering. Clients are required to provide evidence of their chronic disease diagnosis, whether it be from their personal physician, case manager, or social worker (Simple); clients are to provide evidence of their medically-associated financial hardship (Achievable); and clients are asked to expand their horizon of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom about their chronic disease by creating a concise one-time Vision Statement. This VS consist of affirmations of how they will achieve their health wholeness (Empowering). Through our collaborative leadership, we work with various personal service entities and offer a wide range of services such as: Donate

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  • 2Hours of Me – There are times while living with a chronic disease that your life may become unbalanced, and simple tasks seem, or even may become, too volumus to handle. Whether it’s recuperating from CHEMO or needing bed rest from side effects of living with Lupus, THOM helps ease affects of that unbalance. We meet our clients where they are and offer in-home personal service. Clients are assessed, and after meeting our simple protocols, are provided 2 hours of free personal service. The personal service can be as simple as cleaning the house, conversation, folding laundry, watering the lawn, or organizing files. Learn More
  • Financial Assistance – One of the primary issues we hear about is the financial issues that come along with chronic disease. At SWFLI, we are committed to helping as many people as possible through those financial struggles with The Windmill Fund. The Windmill Fund provides financial assistance to individuals with a chronic disease for medically-associated needs. The medically-associated needs can be various sorts of things (i.e. rent, electric bills, groceries, baby sitters, telephone, prescription, etc.) Employment or insurance are not factors. Clients can receive assistance from The Windmill Fund when they are assessed and meet our simple protocols. Approved applications are funded on the 4th Friday of each month. Click to Apply
  • WindMEALS – A food referral service for individuals in the community regardless of their health and wellness, employment, or financial status. Assisting in the need for our clients to be nourished is vital to our mission of health wholeness. The Second Wind For Life Initiative supports community food pantrys through volunteerism.
  • Outsourced Counseling – Because we believe that health is the state of complete spirit, mind, body, and social well-being, we offer counseling referrals. Without that added dimension, healing and growth may be less complete or fulfilling. It is important that when individuals are dealing with issues related to living with chronic disease that there is an outlet to find a circle of comfort, compassion and hope. It is imperative that all adults, children, and families realize that although they are living with chronic disease, they do have the right to productive and fulfilled lives. Our referral counselors recognize the value and resources of each unique individual, and strive to empower them to identify and draw upon your strengths to meet the chronic disease challenges they face and to experience life more fully. Helping clients to gain better self-awareness of their chronic disease is a must.




The Second Wind For Life Initiative was born out of our passion to give back, in particular to individuals in the community facing medical-financial hardships while living with chronic diseases.


Second Wind For Life is a Texas nonprofit organization that assists individuals in the community with sustaining their quality of life by promoting healthy lifestyles awareness and prevention of major medical diseases.


The clients of Second Wind for Life are asked to have a hands-on involvement in achieving their second wind. We ask that they seek education regarding their disease, and be involved in the creative brainstorming of how to sustain their quality of life.

“I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.“ ~ 3 John 1:2

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